5 Second Nail Products:
The 5 Second Nail Glue brand has become the most trusted, premier glue line due to the quality and performance of the products.

Brush - On Nail Glue
5 Second Salon Nail Glue
No-Clog Glue
On the Go Nail Repair Kit
Salon Strengthening Powder
On the Go Glue and Remover Kit
Salon Nail Glue Pink

Cuticle Remover

Quickie Natural Nail Shiner
3-in-1 shaper, buffer and shiner.
Quick & easy to use.

Quickie Nail Fix
Repair a split or crac
k in seconds!
No more messy glue.



Quickie Cuticle Remover
Gently cleanses the nail bed.
Clear gel allows you to see what’s being removed.

Quickie Cuticle Conditioner
Moisturizes to help prevent hang nails.
Stimulates nail growth.
Contains Fluoride for strength.

Quickie Nail Dry
Dries polish in half the time!
No hassle spray-on application.


Salon Nail Glue
for all artificial nails and nail tips.
Instantly repairs and strengthens natural nail.





Glue & Nail Remover
No more stuck together fingers!
Dissolves glue in seconds.
No mess or fuss.




Bite Free Nail Treatment
Helps stop the habit of biting nails.
Prevent nails from getting damaged while encouraging nail growth.




Nail Saver Strengthening Treatment
Conditions dry, brittle nails.
Strengthens nails to encourage growth.